With family, friends or alone, visiting a zoo is an activity full of emotions and discoveries. If you are in New Aquitaine or on vacation in Biscarrossethe zoo of the basin of Arcachon is the ideal place to go to meet nearly 800 mammals and birds. And to add a touch of adventure to this escapade, you can take on the role of caretaker for a day. Getting there is simple. This Zoo is located in the department of Gironde, 5 minutes from the Dune of Pilat.

Discovering a very diversified fauna

The Arcachon Basin Zoo has more than a hundred rare and exceptional animals. These are:

  • of herbivores: African Elephant, Indian Rhinoceros and Black Rhinoceros, Oryx algazelle, Dwarf Hippopotamus, Kirk’s Dik-dik, Blue Wildebeest… ;
  • of carnivores: Yellow mongoose, Tiger, Ashen otter, Otocyon… ;
  • of primates : Maki catta, Borneo Orangutan, Chimpanzee… ;
  • of birds: Toucan toco, Ara Macao, Demoiselle crane of Numidia…

You will have something for every taste and color in this zoo, which is run by passionate people at the service of animals. They are pampered and treated with care. They benefit from vast spaces designed and fitted out to best meet their needs. Would you like to interact with one of these animals? Well, if that’s allowed, there are some gateways to make it easier for you.

Immerse yourself in the life of the Zoo

In addition to immersing yourself in the natural habitat of the animals, the Zoo offers you the opportunity to take on the role of caretaker. In the space of a day, you will come into contact with animals under the supervision of the animators. Prepare their food rations, rub shoulders with them, work with the zoo’s veterinarians, attend a birth if you’re lucky… Quite simply, participate in the daily life of your favorite animals. And to make this experience memorable, the Zoo has other surprises in store for you, such as a souvenir store, picnic and play areas for children, a fast-food area and, above all, entertainment! You will be able to attend the feeding of the animals in a playful and educational way. And for the more curious, the history of the Zoo will quench your thirst. If you feel like it, you can sponsor an animal and participate in the conservation programs of the basin. Take advantage of your camping stay near the Zoo du Bassin d’Arcachonn to spend a pleasant time with your family.

ZOO of the BASSIN D’ARCACHON in LA TESTE DE BUCH, this biggest Zoo of Aquitaine is only 30 min from our Camping En Chon Les Pins.

A family activity not to be missed

The Arcachon Basin Zoo offers an educational experience for the whole family, with activities close to the animals and special rates for children under 12. Your children will be able to observe the animals up close and learn more about their native habitat. Travel around the world, in South America with the Saïmiri monkeys or in Asia with the Indian rhinoceros. Unique and preserved species that the caretakers will help you discover through educational activities. Visiting the zoo as a family is a way to raise awareness about the nature that surrounds us and to offer a lively activity far from the screens. In order to deepen your stay in osmosis with your environment, our small campsite in the Landes offers accommodation solutions in the heart of the pines and dunes. The opportunity to spend a relaxing vacation far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and to reconnect with the present moment.