The Biscarrosse airfield, located in the Landes department in France, is a must for aviation and air sports enthusiasts. Among the activities offered on this site, there is the possibility of making a flight in a microlight over the region.

Campsite close to the Biscarrosse airfield

One of the most fascinating experiences offered in Biscarrosse is the flight of eagles in a microlight. This unique activity offers an exceptional perspective on the region and allows you to discover the natural landscapes in a totally new way.

During the flight, you will be accompanied by eagles, those majestic birds of prey that fly freely at your side. This unique experience will allow you to discover the sensations of flying in harmony with nature, while enjoying the magnificent landscapes of the Landes.

The flight of the eagles by microlight is an unforgettable experience and a unique way to discover the beauty of this French region. This activity is offered by experienced professionals, who guarantee the safety and comfort of the participants.

Microlight flights are also an excellent opportunity to discover the natural wealth of the region, including the Landes forest, the lake of Biscarrosse and the Atlantic beaches. You will be able to observe beautiful landscapes and wildlife, such as deer and wild boar, which live in the area.

In summary, the flight of the eagles in a microlight in Biscarrosse is a unique and memorable experience for all aviation and nature lovers. This activity offers an incredible view of the area and allows you to discover the natural landscape in a totally new way. If you are looking for an unforgettable experience, don’t hesitate to try the flight of the eagles by microlight in Biscarrosse.