La Coccinelle Parc Animalier is an ideal place for nature and animal lovers. Located in the Gironde region of France, this park offers a unique experience for the whole family. Visitors can discover more than 150 animal species in a preserved natural environment.

Campsite near the Arcachon Wildlife Park

The park is divided into several zones, each representing a different habitat for the animals. There is an area for plains animals, another for forest animals, one for marsh animals and one for farm animals.

La Coccinelle Parc Animalier is also a place of conservation of the local fauna and flora. The animals are carefully chosen to be in harmony with the natural environment of the region. Visitors can therefore see rare and endangered species such as the lynx, the grey heron or the wolf.

In addition to the discovery of the fauna and flora, the park also offers fun activities for the whole family, such as playgrounds, rides, mini-golfs and pony rides. There are also several picnic areas to enjoy a relaxing moment with family and friends.

La Coccinelle Parc Animalier is a perfect place to spend a day outdoors, discover nature and have fun with your family. With activities for all ages and a wide variety of animals to see, this is a must-see for nature lovers.